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Status Report – Week of 9/17/12 – 9/23/12

September 27, 2012

Throughout the years, every time I’ve recovered from a 100 mile race I’ve had to deal primarily with hormonal issues, endocrine fatigue, extreme hunger, and hydration concerns. Of course there has always been that general leg fatigue too, but never have I had to actually deal with any significant acute pains. This recovery week from the Run Rabbit Run 100 was different though. I was a bit tired of course, but never substantially ‘drained’. I managed to sleep well, eat normal, hydrate well, and never had any sizeable food-cravings. My legs had a smidgen of normal fatigue in them but felt pretty good in terms of ‘pep’ and ‘pop’. Acute injury type pain though? More than ever. I shuffled my way through the early part of the week on short runs and by Wednesday it was obvious that I had re-ignited my ‘neuroma-type’ pain in the ball of my left foot. By Saturday my left hip was so sore and inflamed that I was forced to hobble through the end of my run. After some self-treatment, the hip issue mostly subsided, but on Sunday afternoon’s run my right knee locked up on me in the first 10 minutes. Yikes. I’m not one to complain about little aches and pains, but these flare-ups were painful enough to effectively erase 99% of my mobility and cause me to stop, swear, almost cry, and gimp through the end of each run. The kicker though? As I sit here and type this on Thursday night (9/27) the flare-ups have not been an issue for 36 hours and my runs (although slow) have been productive efforts with more and more range-of-motion by the day. Progress indeed. Weekly sketch:

Monday – 9/17/12 

PM: Woke up in the morning with a fair amount of energy, but lacking focus. Feeling a little ‘foggy’ and a bit tender, but generally feeling really good. Had a solid day at work and had to deal with only 1 ‘hot-flash’ (yup… I said it) throughout the day. Other than that one blip of profuse sweating, the body feels perfectly normal hormonally. Headed out for a 30 minute jog in the afternoon. Beautiful day. Stomach/gut feels thick and full, but my legs felt peppy. A total of .5 hours running and 3 miles of running. Pretty boring. Sorry.

Tuesday – 9/18/12

PM: Woke up with energy and a clear brain. Good. Revved up for much of the day. Getting into a much better groove at work. Parr gave me a call and we met up for a 1 hour run on the contour trail behind the University. We ran pretty slow as I gave Parr the run-down on the race. I definitely was not feeling great, but it was so nice to get out for a 1 hour run. 1 hour running. 6 miles running. Good to run with Parr.

Wednesday – 9/19/12

PM: Feeling close to normal in terms of energy, etc. Very good. My left foot (ball of foot) is throbbing with neuroma-type pain again which is pretty standard for me anymore. Headed out in the afternoon for a 1 hour run on contour trail, up to black tarp, and back down the ridge. 1 hour running. 6 miles running. Beautiful.

Thursday – 9/20/12 

AM: Woke up with some spunk in me. Feeling good about fitness, nutrition, health, wellness. In general, all good. Problems? Left hip is increasing in soreness/tenderness, left foot is still in pain, and despite a fair amount of ‘pep in my step’ I am feeling generally stiff. Same run as yesterday with another small add-on as well. 1 hour running. 7 miles running.

Friday – 9/21/12

AM: Drank too much coffee and headed out for the same 7 miler as yesterday. Ran 5 minutes faster today on the same loop though which is clearly a good sign that all systems are firing better and better each day. Hip did not bother me as much either. Good news. 1 hour running. 7 miles running.

PM: A full 1.5 hour AIS stretching session with Bill Smith of Crested Butte’s ‘A Massage Studio‘. This was a private 1-on-1 session that greatly aided in reestablishing my range of motion and mobility. Bill also spent a fair amount of time working on my feet. I am super grateful for this session. Thanks Bill!

Saturday – 9/22/12

AM: Up and out early for a 1.5 hour run on Signal Peak. Made it to the summit and enjoyed a mondo-beautiful morning. This was my 66th Signal Peak Summit YTD. Felt good to be on ‘the peak’ again. Left hip super sore by the end of the run. I dealt with it though. 

PM: Had a great day at home with Annie and Jordan. In the late afternoon, I headed out for another Signal Peak outing which proved to be a mistake. From the outset, by hip was throbbing. I dealt with it on the fly, altered my stride a bit, and kept grinding. My 67th Signal Peak Summit YTD. By the time I started my descent I knew I was in trouble. About 10 minutes into the descent I was hobbling, stopping, stretching, walking, sitting, swearing, and merely trying to limp home. Made it back, stretched, massaged, slept. Total today of 3.5 hours running and 20 miles running. 

Sunday – 9/23/12

PM: Went out in the afternoon for a 1 hour run. Hip was okay, but within the first 5 – 10 minutes my right knee fully locked up on me and proved to be extremely painful. I stopped to stretch and when I started again, things seemed better. Made it through a slow outing. 1 hour running. 7 miles running.

Week totals –

9 hours running. 56 miles running. The recovery process from the RRR100 is going smoothly!

Instead of ranting on-and-on about the perils of wheat consumption and the ‘ridiculousness’ of federal corn subsidies, I wish to take this next paragraph and give big ‘shout outs’ to two companies. I could praise and thank several brands for sure, and I certainly will in the future, but due to editor-imposed space constraints, I will keep it to 2 mentions tonight. First and foremost I am gigantically thankful to Vasque for their continued support. Vasque has been right there with me since the fall of 2008 and has seen me through many highs and lows. I am tremendously excited for the forthcoming Pendulum trail-runner from Vasque which I’ve been fortunate enough to be training in since early May. The lastest sample model I received reflected much of the feedback I’ve been providing, and in fact, this shoe is so good that I raced the RRR100 in it! Loved it. I also wanted to highlight Point6 socks! This great company is based in Steamboat Springs, CO, was a strong sponsor of the recent RRR100 race, and has been helping to keep my feet clean, dry, supported, and comfortable for this entire year. Thanks Point6! I am a big fan of the ‘running light 3/4 crew’ sock. Very humbled by the support of many tremendous brands. Thank you! Time to go to bed. Here’s to doing something well. That’s what I’m trying to do. Thanks for reading. DC

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