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Status Report – Week of 9/24/12 – 9/30/12

September 30, 2012

Routine is something that I’ve been craving for several years now. When I am in a consistent groove, my life as a whole just operates better. I know… pretty boring, but that’s how it is for me. I marvel at the abilities of people who travel constantly or have ‘spontaneous’ work schedules and still manage to maintain world class fitness, focus, and sharpness. Although I have learned to travel relatively well, I am undeniably better when I am home, sleeping in my own bed, drinking my own coffee, and being with my wife and kid. Oh yeah… I also gain both focus and fitness when I can run Signal Peak every day. This week was one of those weeks in which I was supremely busy, but it was a consistent schedule. I locked into a routine and followed a plan. The sharp-pain leg issues that plagued me last week were non-existent. My running was better. My mental outlook was better. On another note, today (Sunday 9/30) is my 280th day of consecutive running. Dating back to December 26, 2011 I have now run 3166 miles, or a daily average of 11.3 miles. Projected out, this will be a 4100 mile year. So far I have had 36 days that I would classify as ‘my minimum’ for the streak. These 36 runs have been 30 minutes in length. The other 244 days have been what I would consider ‘legitimate training.’ I believe I’m gaining a better understanding of ‘consistency‘. More on that later in the year. Here are the sketchy details on the week that was:

Monday – 9/24/12 

AM: Headed out for an early Signal Peak summit run. This was my 68th Signal Peak Summit YTD. 1500′ of vertical gain is the standard route on Signal. Ran up and down the ridge with a 5:15am start time. Felt relatively peppy and very positive about the day ahead. 1.5 hours running. 10 miles running. Core work too.

PM: My first official weight-lifting session in a couple of months. Good to be back in the weight room but feeling extremely weak. 5 minute rowing machine warmup, bench press, biceps curls, triceps extensions, lower back work, 1 legged squats, leg press, walking lunges, thera-band clamshells, thera-band lateral walks, calf strengthening, bridges, core. 1 hour of total time in the fitness center. (Very crowded this afternoon!)

Tuesday – 9/25/12

AM: Headed out at 5:15am for another Signal Peak summit. This was my 69th Signal Peak Summit YTD. Felt good to get out there and run hard in the AM. A bit of muddy ground, but made it up and down the ridge without sliding around too much. 1500′ of gain. 10 total miles of running. Great day at work today as well. Feeling productive and focused. 1.5 hours running. 10 miles running. Sit-ups/Pushups. (SU/PU)

Wednesday – 9/26/12

AM: Same deal on Signal Peak this morning. My 70th Signal Peak Summit YTD. Feels like I am in a good groove. Ran a bit faster than yesterday. One thing I have noticed is that if I start my runs prior to 6:00am, generally speaking they are 30 seconds per mile slower than any running that I do the rest of the day. Anyway, still a good run. Nice to be out in the early AM. 1.5 hours running. 10 miles running. SU/PU.

Thursday – 9/27/12 

AM: Yup. Signal Peak summit run. This was my 71st Signal Peak Summit YTD. Felt great this morning. Snappier, but my time was exactly the same as yesterday. Again, started at 5:15am. Great sunrise. 1500′ vertical gain and 10 miles of total running on this standard route. Feeling good about being in a routine. 90 minutes of running. By the end of work today, I could tell I was a little more tired than usual. Need to be getting a bit more sleep. (I went to bed at 11:15pm the night before… way too late!) 1.5 hours running. 10 miles running. SU/PU.

Friday – 9/28/12

AM: Ran Signal Peak again! Same exact route for my 72nd Signal Peak Summit YTD. Beautiful morning. Felt a bit sluggish on the climb, but pretty good on the descent. Ran hard this morning and my overall time was just a bit faster than it has been all week. 1.5 hours running. 10 miles running. SU/PU.

PM: Unfocused, but good strength training session at the fitness center in the late afternoon. I did a 5 minute rowing machine warmup, pull-ups, bench press, biceps curls, triceps extensions, leg press, 1 legged squats, calf-strengthening, walking lunges, and thera-band lateral walks. Good session. 1 hour total time in the fitness center. Feels good to be back in the weight room for the second time this week.

Saturday – 9/29/12

AM: Up mondo early so that I could start my run at 4:30am. (Today was the ‘Race for Freedom‘ and Annie needed to leave the house by 6:15am). Ran Signal Peak again. My 73rd Signal Peak Summit YTD. Colder this morning. Felt good to run this early, despite a little ‘sleepiness.’ Made it work though. Great day at the Race for Freedom and then I got to hang out with Jordan all day. Also managed a SOLID 2 hour nap. 1.5 hours running. 10 miles running. SU/PU.

Sunday – 9/30/12

AM: Up and out the door for a 5:15am start time for another Signal Peak summit run. This was my 74th Signal Peak Summit YTD. Definitely felt a little more tired and ‘weaker’ this morning. Also had a bit of weird digestion going on this AM. (I ate corn, cheese, and black beans yesterday) (First time in a while on all three!) 1500′ vertical gain and 10 miles total running. Ran the ridge up and down again. Gorgeous morning. 1.5 hours running. 10 miles running. SU/PU.

PM: Snuck in another 5 mile run this afternoon. (After initially writing this weekly recap). Annie and I went out and ran the full Van Tuyl Loop with an add-on behind the middle school, and then I ran up to WSCU to grab my bike out of my office. I pushed Jordan in the chariot too. Very nice family run. Annie was rolling! 5 mile easy run. Good to get out in the full daylight in a sleeveless shirt. Very nice. 50 minutes running. 5 miles running. SU/PU.

Week totals –

13 hours training. 11.5 hours running. 75 miles running. Solid Routine for the week. Consistent! 

This past week also saw the Gunnison version of the 5km Race for Freedom take place. Annie did an excellent job as race director with the dynamic assistance from good friends. We had perfect weather, a flat and fast course, and a total of 50 participants. The race generated $750 to be donated to an organization called Pearl Alliance which is dedicated to ending human trafficking. The Melbourne, Australia ‘satellite’ event will take place this Saturday, October 6th, and the ‘flagship’ Colorado Springs Race for Freedom 5km will be run on Saturday, October 13th! Great events to look forward to. Come on out and support the Race For Freedom! Looking ahead to the end of this upcoming week, I will be heading to Chattanooga, TN for the StumpJump 50km race! I can’t wait for this event. Check out the ‘ultra’ cool video below. Thanks for reading. Live well. Train well. DC

Rock/Creek StumpJump 50k Trail Race (10th Anniversary) from Rock/Creek on Vimeo.

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