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Status Report – Week of 10/1/12 – 10/7/12

October 14, 2012

(One week late on this post) (Included in this post is a brief recap from the StumpJump 50km!)

If last week was defined by consistency, this week was defined by ‘forced’ consistency. As more things have found their way back onto my ‘life-plate’, every day this week seemed to absolutely fly by, and I found myself stunned when Thursday afternoon arrived and I was on a plane flying to the east coast to race the StumpJump 50km in Chattanooga, TN. I could feel a general sense of fatigue in my system, yet I was able to deal with it. One hallmark of this week is that I managed to maintain the re-introduction of strength training to my routine. Although I still feel very weak with a staggering lack of mobility in the weight room, I can’t help but notice how much better I feel after each session. Here’s the sketch of the week that was:

Monday – 10/1/12

AM: Headed out in the early AM for a 1 hour run with a sprinkling of 6 x 1 minute hard intervals at 95% of maximum effort. Ran an extended town loop. By the 4th hard effort, I felt WAY better. General theme? My mobility is lacking and it feels like my stride is hampered. Mild strength and mobility work after run. 1 hour running. 8 miles running. SU/PU.

PM: Full strength training session at the fitness center. 5-minute rowing machine warmup, then I did bench press, triceps extensions, biceps curls, pullups, pushups, backups, bridges, thera-band lateral walks, thera-band clamshells, obliques, 8-minute abs, calves, leg press, walking lunges, 1-legged squats, tele jumps. Good session. Body felt great after this was done. Bike ride home to cool down. 1 hour training.

Tuesday – 10/2/12

AM: Headed out early for a Signal Peak summit run. This was my 75th Signal Peak Summit YTD. Milestone summit. 1500′ vertical gain on this run up and down the ridge. 10 miles. 90 minutes of running. Felt very snappy, but limited in terms of stride. Need to start thinking about addressing my range of motion issues. AIS stretching needs to re-emerge in my weekly routine. 1.5 hours running. 10 miles running. SU/PU.

Wednesday – 10/3/12

AM: Full strength training session at the fitness center. 10 minute jog to the fitness center for a warmup, then I did bench press, triceps extensions, biceps curls, pullups, pushups, backups, bridges, thera-band lateral walks, thera-band clamshells, obliques, 8-minute abs, calves, leg press, walking lunges, 1-legged squats, tele jumps. Good session. Felt really good after this session was done. 10 minute jog home for a cool down. 1 hour training.

PM: With Parr in the later afternoon… out for a beautiful Signal Peak summit run. This was my 76th Signal Peak Summit YTD. Very sunny and warm temps. Felt good to run during the daylight! 1500′ vertical gain up and down the ridge. 9 miles total running. (Ran from my office). 90 minutes total running time. Great to run with Parr again. 1.5 hours running. 9 miles running. SU/PU.

Thursday – 10/4/12 

AM: Up early, but not feeling good at all. Feeling super sluggish. Headed out for a 1 hour jog on the contour trail and up to the ridge. Felt slow but it was a beautiful morning and I was glad to get out. 1 hour running. 7 miles running. Headed into the office for 2 hours to try and finish up a few things. Headed to the airport at 1:15pm for a 2:00pm flight. 1 hour running. 7 miles running. SU/PU.

Friday – 10/5/12

AM: Slept in until 9:00am EST this morning. Very tired. I made it to my hotel at 12:45am last night and did not get to sleep around 1:15am. Travel went really well, but it was definitely a long day. Woke up this morning with a headache, a gut-ache, and some dehydration. Generally not feeling good. Headed out for a 90 minute jog around Chattanooga, TN. Ran down by the river, around town, and over by the industrial side of town too. By the end of this sweat-inducing run, I was feeling MUCH BETTER. Good. Minor strength in the hotel room. 1.5 hours running. 10 miles running. SU/PU.


Photo by Rock Creek’s Jeff Bartlett! StumpJump 50km 2012!

Saturday – 10/6/12

AM: StumpJump 50km race day in Chattanooga, TN! Woke up feeling pretty good but still feeling dehydrated and slightly ‘stuffy’. Ate a decent breakfast of chicken, a bit of white rice, some trail mix, and a banana. Gulped down some coffee during the 30 minute drive to the start area at Signal Mountain. Quite a bit of rain prior to the start, at the start, and for most of the race. The race started at 8:00am, and for the first 2 miles I was running pretty fast, yet comfortable, and was hovering right around tenth-to-twelfth place. We kept rolling from there and the small group I was with took a wrong turn for a brief 100m excursion. (The marking was kind of weird right there). It turns out that the top 7 guys, including Max King, all went way off course and ended up not being a factor in the race. So, this meant that I was propelled into the top 4/5 for a while. I found this out at about mile 12 and started to really roll from there and started to move up from mile 15 on. Ended up feeling really strong on anything gradual, especially terrain that had good footing. Anything that was remotely technical left me feeling slow, insecure, and vulnerable. I knew I lost time on the technical downhills, however I was making up time on the gradual-running uphills. These parts of the race felt great. Ended up in second-place with a time of just over 4 hours and 33 minutes. (4:33). Jon Allen (formerly of Utah and former Grand Mesa 50 mile race winner) ended up winning in a time of 4:27. Nice race Jon. Full results posted here. Nice race all! Tough conditions. Was awesome to run on new trails in a new part of the country! 5 hours running. 32 miles running. (Including a short warmup)

Sunday – 10/7/12

PM: I was back home by 1:30pm (MST) making lunch. Awesome day of efficient travel! Around 4:30pm I went out for a 1 hour ‘run’ on the frontage road. Took Jordan with me and pushed her in the Chariot stroller. Mostly a shuffle but it was great to run in the sun and shake the junk out of the body. Fun being with Jordan on a run too! 1 hour running. 5 miles running.

Week totals –

14 hours training. 12 hours running. 80 miles running. Travel was great. StumpJump 50km! 

Chattanooga, Tennessee in an incredible trail-running town and I am truly grateful for being able to spend a weekend in this corner of the globe. I am also tremendously thankful for the time spent with Angie and her husband Chris, as well as Coral and her husband Scott. Angie and Coral (owner/founder!), of Darby Communications, have provided me with fantastic support and encouragement over the years. (Darby Comm has handled (for several years now) many of the PR and sponsorship commitments for Vasque). Once again, I would like to thank Vasque for their willingness to send me around the Western US, the entire US, and the world. I am humbled to represent such a fantastic brand. Psyched to have completed my scheduled 2012 race season and looking forward to crafting the framework for health, wellness, and high performance in 2013 and beyond. Thanks for reading. Keep on it. Live well. Train well. DC

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