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Status Report – Week of 10/8/12 – 10/14/12

October 16, 2012

It has been a long time since I’ve had a week of training in which the proverbial wheels fell off. This was one of those weeks. After a tremendous experience at the StumpJump 50km in Chattanooga, TN, I was primed for a week of positive recovery and mental clarity. Instead I woke up Monday morning with a headache, severe exhaustion, body aches, and blurry vision. Not what I had envisioned for the start of an important week at work. I promptly called in (texted in) to my office to let them know I wouldn’t be showing up that day. I’m glad I did. For much of the day I felt dizzy, ridiculously tired, and downright horrible. The travel to-and-from the east coast, combined with a hard race in damp conditions, had beat me down, and Monday became the day off that I truly needed. (I did manage a 40 minute run in the late evening to keep the daily running streak alive). I gradually felt better throughout the week and by Sunday I was back to my ‘normal’ self. Also of note this week: I officially submitted my application for the 2013 Hardrock 100. Here’s hoping that the lottery process is smooth and draws my ticket! Also, I have it in my head to return to approaching each day with the mentality of ‘Having a Kenyan Summer‘. Focus and pure running fitness are most definitely goals of mine, but I’m also greatly desiring some different training and fitness challenges. More on that in a later post. For now, here are the details from the week that was:

Monday – 10/8/12

PM: Felt horrible when I woke up and for most of the day. Stayed home from work. Honestly, I did feel ‘ill’, but mainly I felt totally wiped out. I took two naps totaling 4 hours with the hope that this would speed up the much needed recovery process. In the evening, I made it out for a short 40-minute run around town. Felt very poor. This was one of those days that I headed outside merely to keep the running streak alive. I did feel much better after this outing though. Positive. 40 minutes running. 4 miles running.

Tuesday – 10/9/12

PM: Headed into work and had a fantastic day. Productive and focused and had only one short period of ‘delirious-fatigue’ in the middle of the afternoon. Made it home from work around 7:00pm and headed out with Annie and Jordan for a 40-minute town loop run. I pushed Jordan in the stroller as we ran in the dark for 4 miles. Great to run with the family! 40 minutes running. 4 miles running. Feeling better today.

Wednesday – 10/10/12

PM: Had a solidly full day before coming home at 5:00pm and going out with Jordan for a 1 hour run on the frontage road. I pushed her in the stroller as we ran for a total of one hour. Great run. Jordan was ‘talking’ the whole time. Beautiful afternoon. Very nice to be running in the bright sun and warmth. 1 hour running. 6 miles running. SU/PU.

Thursday – 10/11/12 

AM: Revved up. Woke up at 4:00am feeling like I had most of my energy back. Headed out for a 2 hour run on Cranor Hill Road and Allen Lane. Beautiful morning. This run was more of an exercise in patience, as I just did not get in a groove for it’s entirety. Feeling very inflamed and ‘puffy’. After this run was completed, I did feel much better. 2 hours running. 13 miles running. SU/PU.

PM: At the end of the work day, I headed into the weight room at the Escalante Fitness Center to do a full strength workout. This consisted of a 5-minute rowing machine warmup, bench press, pull-ups, biceps curls, triceps extensions, pushups, backups, obliques, bridges, thera-band lateral walks, thera-band clamshells, plyo-jumps, 1-legged squats, leg press, calves, shins, 8-minute abs. Then a 10-minute bike ride home for a cool-down. Felt energized after this workout. 1 hour training.

Friday – 10/12/12

PM: In Colorado Springs for tomorrow’s Race For Freedom 5km. Was very busy for much of the day. Made it out in the evening for a very very slow 1 hour jog on the bike path. Did not feel good at all, but made it happen. 1 hour running. 6 miles running.

Saturday – 10/13/12

AM: The third annual Race For Freedom 5km was a tremendous success. Over 75 people registered for this single-track trail race at Bear Creek Park in Colorado Springs. The event went well, the weather held up, and much money was raised for a great cause. All proceeds from this event go to an organization called Pearl Alliance which is dedicated to ending human trafficking. Over 140 people combined to participate in the two main events (Gunnison and Colorado Springs) and the satellite run in Melbourne, Australia. Pretty cool! A total donation of $1900 will be made to Pearl Alliance. Thanks to everyone for their support!

Single-track at Bear Creek Park. Great race course. Very challenging.

PM: Back home in the evening, headed out for another 30+ minute run of 4 miles. Town loop out-and-back. I actually felt very good on this outing. Body loosened up and the mind focused-in on having a great next week. 40 minutes running. 4 miles running.

Sunday – 10/14/12

AM: Up early and ready to go. Felt like my ‘normal’ self again. Headed out for a Signal Peak summit run. This was my 77th Signal Peak Summit YTD. 1 hour 45 minutes total time on trail. Sat on top of Signal for a while and watched the very beginnings of the sunrise. Beautiful! 1500′ of vertical gain on this 10-mile run up and down the ridge. Felt decent, not great. 1.5 hours running. 10 miles running. SU/PU/Ab wheel/Plyo.

PM: Full strength workout at the Escalante Fitness Center. Ran for 10 minutes from my house to the gym and then did a full strength routine. I did bench press, pull-ups, biceps curls, triceps extensions, pushups, backups, obliques, bridges, thera-band lateral walks, thera-band clamshells, plyo-jumps, 1-legged squats, leg press, calves, shins, 8-minute abs. Then a 10-minute run home for a cool-down. Generally speaking, for the weighted exercises, I’m doing 3 sets of 10 – 15 reps right now. 1 hour training.

Week totals –

10 hours training. 7 hours running. 46 miles running. Out-of-whack most of the week. Attempting to rest up and recover. 

No doubt about it; I treated this week as a much needed ‘down’ week with a bit more sleep and much needed recovery. By Sunday I felt much more energized both physically and mentally and find myself excited at what the next few months will bring. I intend to spend time and energy on strength training, mobility/stretching, and working on my nutritional approach. There are several ‘nagging’ aches and pains that I also need to address. As I look ahead to the next 3 months and throughout the entire winter, I also can’t help but be excited that my travel schedule is minimal as well. I’m craving a weekly routine that I can be super consistent with, and I’m very happy that I’ll be home much more this winter. Lastly, I’d like to give a shout-out to the Notre Dame Fighting Irish Football Team which is ranked in the top 5 of College Football again! Thanks for reading. Time to circle the wagons for a bit. Live well. Train well. Plan well. DC

  1. Burch permalink
    October 16, 2012 10:05 PM

    make sure you hit 100 signals for the year and then run a few for me…descend cobra!

  2. October 19, 2012 5:30 AM

    Right on Burch! I also enjoyed reading your post on basic training

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